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Great burgers, Fresh Seafood, Pasta Sautées, Steaks, Home Style Meals and much more make the AB&G and MB&G the prefect place for everyone.

About The Allendale Bar & Grill

The Allendale Bar & Grill has been serving the people of Allendale, and the Greater Bergen County Area, for over 80 years now. From its humble beginnings, the AB&G has evolved from a small pizza serving bar into the famous, thriving restaurant it is today. With a menu featuring a wide variety of pub grub, fresh seafood, fantastic steaks, and ever growing healthy fare, we offer something for guests of every type. Our ever changing twelve draft lines offer the best of new and inventive beers from across the world, and a veteran bar staff that’s always ready with a fantastic new cocktail. With one eye on our rich past, and one on its bright future, the Allendale Bar & Grill is a staple that not only survives, but thrives, in the fast paced world of modern & traditional food service. Bring your family to meet ours.

“Bring your family in to meet ours”

The fourth generation assures you a great meal with friendly service in a family atmosphere.

Private Parties

The Connelly Room is the newly renovated & multifunctional private event room of the Allendale Bar & Grill. Named in honor of Mike & Maude “Mom” Connelly, original owner-operators of the AB&G in 1935. With space for fifty seated guests, and even more in a casual, standing gathering, the Connelly Room offers a full bar, two draft beer lines (with easy access to more), brand new restroom facilities, and customizable Sonos Sound System.


In 1941, Mom Connelly moved her pub out of the Allendale Hotel and into the bar room she had built off of her house. Since then the restaurant has encapsulated the entire home.


While the array of food and number of restaurants has grown, the friendly atmosphere and great value remains the same.

Family Business

The fourth generation assures you a great meal with friendly service in a family atmosphere. Bring your family in to meet ours!!!

The AB&G. Then. Now. Always.